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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there ever be another item just like this?
Very unlikely!

Because we're such a small business, and everything is handmade, quantity is EXTREMELY limited. We get small runs of the fabric and make 1-2 skirts with each one. Then maybe a jacket or bolero, but that's it!

How do I know it will fit me?
Trust! Besides our handy size chart, our items are based on actual plus-size clothing charts. Everything I make, when it's just the beginning of an idea, gets tested on each of our fabulous fit testers. All different shapes and sizes, because we know not everyone is built like a fit model. I'm DEFINITELY not! So whether or not it works on me, I'll take it to one of them and see how it is on them and what needs to be adjusted.

I never want anyone sad when they get their super exciting new gem!

Do you have a size chart?

Yes! Check the sidebar for the size chart page!

Why are there so few items listed?

Since we are a micro business, and every item is handmade by J. Harlow herself, our online catalog is curated for current availability and season. If you recently met us at a market and are interested in purchasing an item you saw there please send us a message on Instagram at @itsJHarlow and we will set it up for you!

I met you at a market and you had way more items than are listed on your website. What's the deal!?

Check out our Instagram: @itsJHarlow and look for the inventory posts. That is what we have available after the current market and we would be happy to set up a sale for you of any of those items as long as we still have them in stock!